community health insurance

Reinvesting in our communities. All year. Every year.

We at Bernardini & Donovan strive every day to be an insurance brokerage you are proud to work with. We represent businesses from Redlands to Redondo Beach and everywhere in between. It is our goal to deliver more than just low rates. It is our mission to simplify the solutions to your insurance needs. Low rates, in-depth analysis of your unique criteria and insurance products, and outstanding customer service are all part of that mix. But we want to go farther.

We want to be the simplest choice in Group Healthcare for your business.

Community volunteer programLike ours, your business is part of a community. Your employees, fellow businesses, civic leaders, non-profits, and vendors make up a fabric of the areas you serve. We recognize that fact. We also recognize that you
have many choices when it comes to Group Health Insurance providers. So we developed a program that delivers a higher ROI to our clients.

This is about a Return on Insurance. A Community Return On Insurance.

We donate a portion of our commission from every group health insurance plan to organizations that benefit local communities. We will give back all year, every year. From youth sports to wounded warriors, the donations go to great causes and come directly from our pocket. This doesn’t cost you a dime. We want you to feel good about doing business with us.

To learn more about our Community ROI initiative and speak with a member of our team, click the Discover button above. We look forward to speaking with you soon!