Healthcare Reform: Employer Responsibility

As the fully implemented Healthcare Reform provisions go into effect on January 2014, employer responsibility becomes a national issue. Although there are some pieces of Healthcare Reform that have already started to change, the brunt of the law and its implications are waiting in the wings.

Large groups and their employers play a major role in the effectiveness of the law. While most large group employers do offer health insurance options, they must keep in mind that non-compliance with the law is not an option. If they do not comply, stiff penalties will result. Large group employers now carry a certain amount of employer responsibility that has never been an issue.

Additionally, employers of large groups will now have to report their health care coverage compliance to the IRS, ensure all employees are notified about health care exchanges available, and run the risk of getting into serious trouble if they completely ignore the law. Employer responsibility is no longer a choice, but a requirement that all employers of large groups must adhere to.

For more information on employer responsibility and how your large group organization must comply with the laws, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services.


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