Single Payer Healthcare Cons

Single Payer Healthcare Cons

Part 2

If you have not read our previous blog, please see part 1 to read more about the logistics of single payer healthcare. As stated previously, in an ideal world everyone would love to see every person receive the health care that they need at no cost to them. But to play this idea out in the real world, there are some very real concerns that we have. Some of the cons to single payer healthcare are:

Contributes to Drug Abuse –

Because health care is available to all, it also means that there is more access to prescription drugs which is the fastest growing avenue for substance abuse. There are also many that will abuse the system because they do not see the value. They will go to the doctor any time that they feel a slight itch or discomfort. This wastes doctor’s time and makes more severe cases need to wait even longer for care.

Less Benefit –

One of the ways to pay for this type of healthcare is to impose new taxes. Taxes like these can come out of your income and be bases upon the level of what you are bringing home. For those that make more money that means that they are paying more but will receive no extra benefits.

Less innovation –

Because everyone is getting paid the same rate there are less financial incentives to create, research and develop new treatments or new technologies. This can come at a big cost to us as this lowers the quality of care, not only for Americans but for the world we are are forerunners in many innovative practices.

Health Insurance still needed –

For families that have unique health issuescertain care that they will need will not be covered under this system. That means that they will still be in need of health insurance to cover the costs of the additional services that they require but are not included under a single payer health system.

These are just a handful of issues that can come up with single payer healthcare. As California continues to look at SB 562 we will need to answer these concerns otherwise we will end up with a very broken system.

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