Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agency

There are many challenges to purchasing the right health insurance coverage. The more you know about how the industry works, the more capable you’ll be in making smart decisions concerning your health care needs.

When purchasing health insurance, you have a choice of working with either an independent agency or a captive agency. An independent agency will offer you policy options from a variety of different insurers, giving you greater choices for evaluation. A captive agency works with only one insurance carrier. This limits the number and variety of health plans from which you can choose.

Working with an independent agent offers you greater flexibility in the company you choose. In the event you are dissatisfied with a certain insurer, your agent can suggest alternative companies within their jurisdiction, enabling you to retain his services to acquire the better coverage you seek. Working with a variety of top insurance carriers provides independent agents with greater knowledge and experience in their field. It also enables them to establish a more extensive network of insurance contacts to expand their services to you.

Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, Inc. is an independent insurance agency.  For more advice on choosing California health care coverage, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, their agents are ready to help you find the right plan for your health insurance needs.

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