Buying Insurance Through a Broker or Agent

With 2014 almost upon us, more people will be searching for health insurance coverage. You can purchase coverage through an insurance agent or broker or the state exchanges. The following explores some of the differences in purchasing coverage through these two mediums.

Buying your coverage through an exchange gives you access to federal subsidies if your income falls beneath 400% of the official poverty line. However, if you don’t qualify for these subsidies, it may be more convenient for you to purchase your coverage directly from an agent or broker.

Many insurers are offering coverage comparable to Obamacare standards to include mental health and maternity benefits at competitive costs. In addition, individuals who already have insurance coverage can continue with their grandfathered policies and avoid the extra expense of an Obamacare policy.

Using an exchange, you can easily compare insurance features and prices online. However, the enrollment process is more time consuming and complex, due to the amount of paperwork required. In contrast, buying a policy from an agent or broker is quick and easy, with no government intervention.

By carefully studying your options, you can choose the medium best suited to you for your health insurance coverage. For more insight into health plans, coverage and prices in Redlands, California, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services.

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