Individual and Family Health Insurance: The Value of Using an Agent

With 2014 just around the corner, and everyone being required to have health insurance or pay a fine, many individuals all over the country are trying to figure out the best plan for them and/or their family. Unfortunately, it’s no easy task with so many different insurance companies and health insurance plans out there. Because of this, many are turning to a professional agent for help.

Why would someone need the help of an agent? An agent can be very helpful when trying to find the best health insurance plan, especially when you’ve never shopped for insurance before or are not very familiar with insurance terms. The value of an agent is truly indescribable.

You see, when you purchase individual health insurance from your place of employment, there is an individual on-site that can answer any questions you have. A professional agent can do the same when you are purchasing on your own. An agent can help you fill out the initial application for health coverage and can even assist in filing of claims in the future. Should you be turned down for insurance from one company, an agent can assist you in the next steps – something you may otherwise not have known.

If you need assistance in choosing family or individual health insurance, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services to speak to a certified Covered California agent that can help ensure you choose the right plan for yourself and/or your entire family based on plan details, cost and your personal situation.

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