A Guide to Covered California in 2022 (Changes + More)

Covered California 2022
  • The American Rescue Plan
  • New and expanded financial help for Californians
  • Preliminary rate increase for California’s individual market
  • Californians will have two or more choices (up to four)

If you live in California then you’ve likely heard the term Covered California, a free service that connects Californians with brand-name health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Individuals can get financial help with a purchase of health insurance from well-known companies. That means when you apply, you may qualify for a discount on a health plan through Covered California, or get health insurance through the state’s Medi-Cal program.

While you can find more information about Covered California on the official CoveredCA website, we want to focus on recent and upcoming changes Californians can expect, taken directly from Covered CA News.

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The American Rescue Plan to provide lower premiums than 2021:

The American Rescue Plan will continue to provide lower premiums, at levels never seen before, throughout the entire 2022 coverage year. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 – H.R. 1319 – was enacted on March 11, 2021. The legislation has since provided a great deal of financial relief to Americans struggling with the fallout of the ongoing COVID pandemic.

In 2021 only, the American Rescue Plan provided the maximum amount of financial help for health insurance for people who qualified for – or collected – unemployment for at least one week.

While this benefit had been set to expire in 2021, individuals could still take advantage of the expanded financial help available under the American Rescue Plan in 2022.

If you do need to secure your own coverage, Covered California is the only place to apply for financial help. You can apply for coverage today due to job loss, or other qualifying events, or during the open enrollment period which runs through January 31, 2022.

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Californians to receive new and expanded financial help:

The new and expanded financial help has led to a record 1.6 million people enrolled in Covered California, which gives the state one of the healthiest consumer pools in the nation for the seventh consecutive year.

  • More than 76,000 people signed up for health insurance during Covered California’s special-enrollment period between April 12 and May 15.
    The surge is more than 2.5 times higher than a traditional special-enrollment period, reflecting an increase of more than 46,000 people, compared to the same time period in 2019.
  • Covered California launched a special-enrollment period to allow the uninsured and those enrolled directly through a health insurance carrier to enroll and benefit from lower premiums due to the American Rescue Plan.
  • More than half of the Covered California households which are benefiting from the new and expanded financial help provided by the American Rescue Plan are getting high-quality coverage for $1 per month.
  • In order to start saving, Californians need to enroll by May 31 so they can begin benefiting from the new law on June 1.

Click here to read more about the new financial help and lower premiums that are now available through the ARP.

Preliminary rate increases for California’s individual market:

The record enrollment and healthy consumer pool were key factors in negotiating a preliminary rate increase for California’s individual market of just 1.8 percent in 2022, and a three-year average of only 1.1 percent (2020-2022).

The rate changes for 2022 are higher than the rate changes have been for the past two years (when they were under 1% each year), but the average rate increase across the three-year window amounts to just 1.1%, indicating significant stability in the state’s individual insurance market.

Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, and Valley Health Plan are all expanding their coverage areas for 2022, and Bright Health is newly joining the exchange.

For more informatoin regarding rate changes in California’s individual market, check out this article.

Californians will have two or more choices (up to four):

With expansions of coverage by several carriers and a new carrier in one region, consumers will have even more choice: All Californians will have two or more choices, 94 percent will be able to choose from three carriers or more, and 81 percent of Californians will have four or more choices.

One of the goals of the ACA was to increase competition in the individual health insurance market. The exchanges are set up to facilitate that, with enrollees able to compare options from all of the participating insurers and select the plan that best fits their needs.

Read more about how new carriers in your marketplace could affect your coverage options.

Covered California Deadline Extended

Covered California deadline extended

Covered California deadline extended

Covered California Deadline ExtendedIn a meeting just recently, Covered California has elected to extend the open enrollment period, which ended on January 31, 2020. This new special enrollment period will allow anyone, not just those who would generally qualify for special enrollment, to enroll in health insurance plans until the end of April. Policies will be effective April 1, if you enroll on or before March 15. Or, the policy will be effective May 1, if you enroll between March 16 and April 30. This means that instead of waiting until the new enrollment period of October 2020, anyone in California who does not currently have health insurance can sign up through the healthcare system.

Why This is Important to You

If you do not have health insurance coverage right now, you could be at risk for a fine on your taxes for the 2020 year. California has elected to enact a penalty for all of those who do not have health care coverage during the 2020 year. When you file your taxes in 2021, you will be required to pay a total of $695 per adult or 2.5% of your annual income, whichever is higher, in fees for not having the required health insurance coverage (separate fees apply for families and children).

If you do not currently have health insurance, you should consider applying for a policy during this new enrollment period. No one will be exempt from the fee if a policy is not selected and paid for by the new April deadline. This means that you could be paying a large amount of money for not having the required coverage, or you can get help to sign up now and get the coverage that you need to protect yourself and your family.

It is important that you reach out to an insurance rep if you do not currently have a health insurance plan to take advantage of this new period and take up the opportunity to sign up for a new plan in order to avoid the penalties that will otherwise be imposed.

Who is Eligible?

All those who did not know about the fee/penalty for not having healthcare coverage over the 2020 year (known as the Individual Shared Responsibility Penalty) are eligible for this enrollment period. Likewise, anyone who previously purchased an off-exchange plan but has now determined that they would like to buy an on-exchange plan will be eligible to do so during this enrollment period. Effectively, everyone in California is eligible and may choose to purchase a plan through the exchange without a penalty or any of the named exemptions that would typically allow for a Special Enrollment Period.

Why This Period is Available

Covered California has chosen to reopen the enrollment period for California residents because of the new fees that are being imposed. Information about the new fees that will be levied against residents on your 2020 taxes were explained, however, they feel that the explanation was not sufficient and too many people within the region do not realize that they could be at risk of being charged these fees on their taxes in the coming year. As a result, Covered California has decided to give all residents another chance to get enrolled and avoid paying fees.

Also, Covered California felt that the enrollment numbers were far lower than what was expected for this year, especially with the implementation of the enrollment requirement and the penalty for lack of 2020 coverage. As a result, and because of the penalty to be imposed, they have decided to allow more people the opportunity to enroll in the plan. If you have not yet enrolled you should seek out help to take advantage of this period to make sure that your family has coverage for the 2020 year and that you will not be required to pay the penalty. If you do not select coverage, there is no exemption for this penalty for 2020

What You Need to Do

You should contact your current insurance agent (or, if you don’t have one, reach out to us) and work with them to enroll in healthcare coverage as soon as possible. This enrollment period is set to last only until April 30, 2020.  If, however, you choose not to take advantage of this special enrollment period, you will likely be charged fees of $695 per adult or 2.5% of your annual income for not being enrolled in a required healthcare plan.

Make sure that you are looking into a healthcare plan as soon as possible that will provide you with the type of coverage that you and your family needs for the 2020 year. These plans can be purchased through Covered California. They will provide you with at least the level of coverage required to avoid a penalty under the new individual mandate enacted by California for the 2020 tax year. If you do not purchase a plan through Covered California, you may be held liable for the penalty

How This Enrollment Period is Different

This Special Enrollment Period is different from a standard one because it is available to all residents of California. A normal Special Enrollment Period is available only to those who meet specific guidelines. Those who have lost their group coverage moved to a new state, lost coverage because they no longer qualify for Medi-Cal, and other similar situations are eligible to enroll in health insurance at any time under a Special Enrollment Period. This one, however, has been enacted by Covered California.

Covered California has determined that every resident of California who does not currently have a health insurance plan and health insurance coverage for the 2020 year is eligible to enroll right now. Please note that this is only available until April 30, 2020. Those who do not enroll during this period will be charged the penalty when you file your 2020 taxes in the coming year.

Feel free to reach out to us to get a healthcare plan that works for you. We can help you find out more about the different insurance options and which plan will be best for you and your family. Even more importantly, you will be able to avoid any penalties on your 2020 taxes while keeping your family protected.

For all of your health insurance inquiries and concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at Bernardini and Donovan. We are here to advise the health insurance requirements of yourself, your family, and your small business. Contact us today for expert counsel!

Good Questions To Ask Yourself During Open Enrollment

Stay Current

Good Questions To Ask Yourself During Open Enrollment

Looking at what health insurance you need can be an overwhelming process. Sometimes you only look at one aspect, like the monthly cost, and find yourself with huge out of pocket bills to pay later. If you are looking to enroll or re-enroll in Covered California this month, these are some good questions for you to ask yourself.


Do you like your current plan?

Over the last year have there been any situations that you did not expect to happen with your level of insurance? Or did you have any unexpected bills? Were you happy with your doctor and the care of service provided to you and your family? It’s good to look and see if there were any pain points over the last year. If you know what you didn’t like, you can see if there are any easy ways to fix that for the coming year.


Are you planning on having any significant changes this year?

Are you expecting to have a child? Or are you getting married? Both of these are substantial life changes that you can consider in your health insurance. However, it is important to note that these are also considered life altering events that can put you in a special enrollment period where you can change your health insurance to better match your current needs.


Are you on any current prescriptions?

If you are on a prescription medicine it will be important to know if your new provider covers these prescriptions or if your current provider is looking to change their policies.


How much do you want to pay?

Looking at your budget is crucial. And this is not just looking at your monthly premiums. This question needs to entail what you will pay out of pocket. What does it cost to see your doctor, to get prescription drugs, to go to the emergency room? You should also know what your premiums cover.

If you need help answering any of these questions, please feel free to call us at Bernardini & Donovan.

Open Enrollment 2018

Are You Enrolled

Open Enrollment 2018

It’s 2018! We’ve made it past the holiday craziness and now find ourselves on the other side. The whole new year stretches out in front of us, open to any number of possibilities. We can have all the best intentions of what this year will hold for us. Which is such a lovely sentiment. And then reality hits. Bills need to be paid, stuff needs to get done, and life continues.


For us, reality hits when we realize all the things that we have put off to get through the holidays with some form of sanity.
As much as we cleaned before the holiday season, the house is in shambles again and needs a good cleaning. The laundry has been relegated to the back of the closet, and somehow we are all out of food. But there could be more significant things on your to-do list. Such as health insurance. Luckily for us in California, we have until the end of the month to still sign up if you are one of the many that may have put off this task. You have until January 31st to sign up and get coverage for 2018. There may be more incentive to sign up because even though the individual mandate has been taken away through our new tax bill, that doesn’t come into effect until 2019. As of right now, you still need to have health insurance in 2018, or you may need to pay a fine on your taxes. Of course, there may be more information coming in the following months, but for now, it is smart to ensure that you have health insurance and also avoid a fine.


If you need help signing up, have questions about Covered California or want to see all of your different options thoroughly explained as well as their various costs, we would love to help you. At Bernardini & Donovan, we are health insurance experts and can help you in ways that you are not going to find anywhere else.

Open Enrollment Is Up and Running

Open Enrollment up and running
Open enrollment for Covered California is up and running.

It’s had an emphatic beginning. In its few two weeks, there were over 48,000 sign-ups. That up to 9,000 then this time last year. Part of this increase could be from the significant amount of money that is being spent on advertising for Covered California. The marketing budget is said to be around $45 million. All of the money is being poured into TV commercial spots and radio advertisements. There has also been about $100,000 spent on murals being painted across the state, many of which do not have anything to do with health insurance coverage.

This comes in stark contrast to the federal budget for health care.

Last year the budget for healthcare.gov was 100 million dollars, this year they have $10 million. The Trump administration has made it very clear that they want to get rid of Obamacare and even though their attempts on Capitol Hill have not yet led to any changes, they have slashed the advertising budget. California is one of 11 states that runs its health insurance exchange.

However, not everyone is a fan of how California is spending their massive budget.

“It’s a waste of taxpayer money,” said Sally Pipes, the president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco; “All of this money being used on murals and bus tours and TV ads, etc., it’s not going to change the number of enrollees that much. It would be better to save money and reduce taxes so that people have a lower tax burden.”  Admittedly, we would not mind seeing these funds go to help with premiums. However, that does not seem to be the course at this time.

If you are looking for a health insurance plan that provides the care you require at a price that will not overwhelm you, please speak to us at Bernardini & Donovan. We would love to help you find the plan that will fit all your needs. We are experts in health care and can help you.

Covered California Confusion

Covered California Confusion
Covered California Confusion


In the past year, we have had a lot going on with our healthcare laws.
When President Trump took office, that was one of the first issues that came to the forefront. From that point on we saw new health care bills being written, each one being scrutinized, debated, and ultimately dismissed. At this point, if any average American was asked what is going on with healthcare, I believe that the majority of them will respond with “I don’t know.”


The greatest takeaway that we have received from this healthcare upheaval is more confusion.
And that is unfortunate. Many Americans are unclear if it is worth it for them to sign up for healthcare. Especially with the news that subsidies are being cut and therefore premiums are going to skyrocket. This is what we can say. You will not know your premium until you look into it. Many times we make decisions based on what could be instead of what is happening. And that is the very reason why Bernardini & Donovan exists. We want to help each person look and find the best possible health insurance for them, their families and their business families. We don’t base our numbers off of guess-timastes. But instead, we spend time researching and looking for the best programs that fit not your only needs, but your budget as well.


Our health care in America is in an interesting spot. And we truly believe that come 2019 we will see some additional changes. But for this next year, we do need to move forward and do the best with that we currently have. If you are looking for healthcare here is what you need to know:


  • In the state of California, open enrollment goes until January 31, 2018
  • If you desire your coverage to start on Jan 1, you need to sign up before December 15th
  • Many people will wait until the last minute to sign up. Stay ahead of the curve and sign up before the holidays.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Its that time of year again

It’s That Time of Year Again

The leaves are soon going to change, and we are transitioning into a busy holiday season as well as saying goodbye to 2017. But in the midst of shopping and holiday parties, there is an additional thing to consider. From November 1st to January 31st, Covered California has open enrollment.

In the past year, we’ve watched while there have been many attempts at changing the way our healthcare system works. But for now, it looks like things are staying the same. So during this time, it will be essential to ask yourself a few questions: Am I happy with my current provider? Was there anything in the last year that was particularly difficult for me? Were there any unexpected costs associated with my healthcare? Do I get along with my doctor? Am I getting the best care for my particular needs? Were there any changes to my health this year that will cause me to need additional attention in the future? Was there any significant life changes that happened recently that will cause me to need extra coverage for dependants? Am I getting the most out of my health care coverage?

All of these questions are excellent and need to be considered with your health care. At this time you have an option or changing your health plan to one that could better fit your needs; whether those needs be that you require different types of deductibles or that you need a lower monthly premium. If you would like to change doctors, it is always good to do some research ahead of time. A quick call to a doctor’s office can let you know if they are accepting new patients and what medical insurances they accept. It would not be good to switch coverages just to find out afterward that they doctor you want will not be able to take your insurance.

As always, if you have any questions about your health insurance, we are always here to answer them. We love helping you find the best coverage for your needs.

New Special Enrollment Period For Health Insurance

Health Insurance Special Enrollment Period

If you missed out on signing up for health insurance during open enrollment, do not worry! The Federal government has recently announced that they are opening a special enrollment period for those who were not able to sign up for health insurance during open enrollment. This special enrollment period runs from March 15th to April 30th and is the last time that you will be able to sign up for health insurance coverage for 2015. While this special enrollment period only applies to the 37 states that are covered through the federal marketplace, state-run exchanges are expected to follow.

In order to qualify for the special enrollment period, people will have to prove that they only became aware of the tax penalty for not having health insurance when they were filing their taxes. While the special enrollment period will not reverse the fine for not having health care, it will give people a chance to get the right health care plan for their needs.

Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone is required to have a health insurance plan, or face a financial penalty. However, many people were not aware of the penalty for not having health insurance until they started filling out their tax return for 2014.

The government also recently accounted that the wrong information to help calculate whether they received too much or too little of a subsidy for last year was sent out to 800,000 people. People who have been affected should have already been notified by phone or email, and need to wait to file their taxes until they receive a new 1095-A form, which was sent out in early March.

For all of your health insurance needs and to ensure that you have the right amount of health care under Covered California, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services in Redlands, California.

Special Enrollment Period Is Now Open

Forgot To Sign Up For Health Insurance? Special Enrollment Period Is Now Open!

It is not too late to sign up for health insurance! Even though the open enrollment period ended on February 15th, Covered California and the Federal government are offering a new special enrollment period for those who were not able to sign up for health care coverage during open enrollment.

In order to qualify for the special enrollment period, you must prove that you were not aware of the tax penalty for not having health insurance in 2014, or that you may now be facing a penalty for not having health insurance during the beginning of 2015. The special enrollment period opened on March 15th, and will stay open until April 30th to give people the chance to sign up for health coverage.

It is important to keep in mind that while you now have a chance to sign up for health coverage if you are not already enrolled in a plan, the special enrollment period will not get rid of any penalties that you already have to pay. To attest that you did not know about the penalty for not having coverage, you must select “Informed of Tax Penalty Risk” on the drop down menu on the Covered California website.

In addition to the special enrollment period, there are other qualifying life events that may help to qualify you for a special enrollment period. Some of the most common qualifying life events include getting married or divorced, having or adopting a child, or moving to a state that does not offer the same health care plan that you are currently enrolled in.

For all of your health insurance needs and to ensure that you have the right amount of protection, contact the health insurance professionals at Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services in Redlands, California.

Choosing Health Coverage For Your Small Business

Understanding The SHOP Marketplace

Small business owners across the country have been experiencing change as they are now legally required to comply with new regulations and requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Since the world of health insurance and health care has transformed completely, choosing the right small business health insurance plans to best protect your team is more challenging.

If you missed the open enrollment deadline on February 15th and are beginning to panic since you have not properly set up your small business plans, do not fret! We can still write you a policy for your small business.

A unique entity known as the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace allows small business owners to obtain the coverage they are required to offer their team, despite missed deadlines. When utilizing plans offered in SHOP, you have the luxury of avoiding restricted enrollment periods and offer deadlines.

There are many benefits of utilizing the SHOP Marketplace in addition to full luxury to pick and alter coverage as you please. If you are currently satisfied with your insurance agent, feel free to enroll with them! The SHOP Marketplace does not require that you change agents; therefore, you can go through this process with the agency you trust most.

The SHOP Marketplace is the perfect way to obtain health insurance and comply with all requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act if you have 50 or fewer full time employees. The same goes for nonprofit organizations, however, if you are self-employed you cannot utilize the SHOP Marketplace.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are in need of enrolling for a SHOP plan for your small business. Contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services in Redlands for all of your California health insurance needs. As Covered California experts, you can rest assured that we will be your guiding hand in the realm of health insurance and health care.

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