Human Resources for insurance agencies: Partnering with ThinkHR to minimize risk management for Bernardini & Donovan health insurance employees and offer HR expertise

Human Resources for insurance

In efforts to maximize our health insurance services, the Bernardini & Donovan team is excited to collaborate with ThinkHR, the industry-leading, end-to-end people risk management service that helps develop employees and ensure compliance

We are pleased to introduce to you the new Bernardini & Donovan human resources client service, ThinkHR! If you are involved with employee issues, this is a value-added benefit to save you time and money. ThinkHR was created to help businesses manage risk before, during, and after it is exposed and has since dealt with over 3.7 million issues and counting! More than 300,000 businesses have benefited from ThinkHR’s end-to-end people risk management solution (PRM), and the B&D team is excited to be part of that growing number.

The reality is that people risk is inevitable. However, just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean nothing can be done to minimize it. As such, ThinkHR recognizes the significant risks centered around business employees and has thus introduced a comprehensive, end-to-end people risk management solution. With a combination of the best live advisors, innovative technology, and comprehensive and instructional content, ThinkHR is revolutionizing the world of human resources for businesses such as Bernadini & Donovan.

With a goal to help organizations address all potential people risks and help its partners strengthen their client relationships involving guidance on preparing for and managing those risks, we believe ThinkHR will benefit the Bernardini & Donovan team professionally and in other ways. The goal is to help us win more business through a comprehensive, all-inclusive, user-friendly PRM solution.

Understanding PRM: How having a human resources partner will benefit B&D as a health insurance company in the future

People Risk Management fills a critical need for businesses of all sizes by helping them build and maintain a strong culture, drive employee engagement and performance, and mitigate the numerous people-centric compliance risks that exist in every organization.

Bernardini & Donovan will now be able to ensure an effective PRM solution by integrating the 3 primary critical components into our day-to-day relations: content; technology; live advisors. We now have access to regulatory updates to handbook policies and interactive and engaging training along with guidance on preparing for and managing those risks; a handbook builder for easy creation and maintenance, a learning management system with powerful training content, and key deployment technologies to create a great user experience; live expertise and guidance that HR and business leaders need when more is needed to solve a difficult employee situation than content and technology.

The scope of HR topics handled by the ThinkHR live team, and more

HR professionals use ThinkHR tools to be more effective in their roles, while all employers benefitting from the crisis averted with the end-to-end PRM solution. We also have access to ThinkHR Live, where a team of HR experts is standing by to answer employee questions and provide advice. This phone-based support service is available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. central time each business day so employees can utilize this tool at their convenience.

The B&D team will also have access to ThinkHR Comply, an online resource center for all of workforce questions and issues. Additionally, we’ll have access to ThinkHR Learn, an online training platform to develop employees and help ensure compliance!

With so many components making up the PRM solution, we’re excited to partner with ThinkHR to ensure our future HR needs are addressed and handled accordingly. For more information on the ThinkHR PRM solution, visit their website at

Aging Well

Aging Well - bdhealthinsurance

Aging Well

“Old age is no place for sissies†We couldn’t agree more Bette Davis! Aging is an inevitable process. However, there are ways that you can help yourself as you mature with dignity. In this blog, we will discuss a few ways that you probably have heard and some that you haven’t to help you age well.


Eat Well

This may be a no brainer as eating healthy is one of the tenants of good health. But a well-balanced diet helps your body age well! One of the best things you can do is just to cut out processed foods. Processed foods are anything that comes prepackaged. By cutting these out, you are cutting out unnecessary sugars and salts. Along with eating well, you will want to ensure that you are drinking enough water. Well hydrated skin can better combat signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. But parched skin loses its glow and looks dull and flaky.

Sleep Well

To age well it is recommended that you get anywhere from 7 and a half hours to nine hours of sleep. When you are sleeping your body is releasing growth hormones that help build up collagen and help you look younger. Skin cells can reproduce quicker during your sleep and can help you significantly.  Lack of sleep can lead to a higher chance of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


As we age our metabolism slows down and for some, that means weight gain. Exercise can help keep weight off and also help you lose a few extra pounds as well. Also, as we age, we can lose muscle mass and bone density. Both of these can be helped through resistance and weight training. Talking a walk around your neighborhood, going for a swim, picking up some weights… all of these can help you age better.

Check your Attitude

Studies have shown that those who look on aging fondly have a better likelihood of living up to 7 years longer than those who don’t. The people who can see their aging as growth of wisdom and maturity and no longer being run by their emotions or overwhelmed by their circumstances have been known to live longer. So the next time someone brings up your birthday, instead of grumbling about your age, plan a fun party with some of your friends and family to celebrate!

We hope that these have given you a new pep in your step to look fondly on your aging process.

Summer Sunshine Loving 

Summer Sunshine Loving

Summer Sunshine Loving 

The longer I live, the surer I am that life is about trying to find a balance. Of course, sometimes balance can be defined as the split second that a pendulum swinging from side to side hits the equilibrium and then passes it to keep swinging. But regardless, I do feel like it is a worthy aspiration. Today, we will be looking at the benefits of spending time in the sun. A lot of the messaging that we hear today will point out the evils of the sun and sun exposure leads to skin cancer. I am in no way am I trying to deny this fact. But I do think there is a balance in finding the benefits of being in the sun and also appropriately not over doing our sun time.


Sun exposure helps with mild depression. Most of us have heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This type of depression comes from a sunlight deprivation. Some reasonable time in the sun helps release serotonin which helps you fight off the blues. Also being in the sun can help regulate your sleep. When you spend a proper amount of time in the sun, and then it sets, that will signal the brain to start to release melatonin which helps us sleep.


A new study by the University of Edinburgh is showing that time in the sun can lower blood pressure. Having lower blood pressure can help you live a longer life as well as reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Sun exposure can also contribute to bone health and help improve brain function. Both of these health benefits come from the production of Vitamin D which is produced in the body through sun exposure.


Again, let us stress that we are not promoting a sun-fest binge that will leave you lobster red and very sore. But instead, in finding a balance between sun exposure and protection you might be helping yourself live a mentally, physically and emotionally healthier life.