Medicare Advantage Part D Plans Explained

Chances are, you’re acutely aware of how much prescription drugs cost. Without adequate insurance coverage, you stand to pay hundreds of dollars each month for maintenance drugs and those your doctor prescribes when you become ill.

Fortunately, Medicare Part D Plans provide coverage for prescription drugs. If you have traditional fee-for-service through Medicare, you will have to purchase a separate Part D plan to ensure you have prescription drug coverage.

However, if you opt for a Medicare Advantage plan, prescription drug coverage is included. Be sure to get an Advantage plan called an “MA-PD” plan. These plans provide Medicare Part A and B coverage as well as prescription drug coverage. You’ll get all your Medicare benefits included in one convenient plan that ultimately saves time and money.

There is a wide variety of Medicare Advantage plans from which California residents can select. To learn more, please contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services for help selecting the plan that best meets your needs.