Summer Mythbusting (Part 2)

Summer Mythbusting

Summer Mythbusting (Part 2)

In our last blog, we pointed out a few of the summer myths that we hear so often. Today we are picking that back up. We were surprised how many of these pieces of advice that we have been told our entire lives, but they simply aren’t true.
You can’t get a sunburn on a cloudy day
The myth: It’s an overcast day, and the clouds are blocking the harmful UV rays.
The truth: We don’t know if anyone believes that clouds block the UV rays that cause sun burns.  But we do believe that people are way more likely to forget to put on sunscreen if the sun is not out. Even if there is cloud cover, you still need to put sunscreen on and use adequate coverage if you are out and about on a cloudy summer day.
Wait 30 minutes after eating to swim
The Myth: If you go swimming before the prerequisite 30 minutes your muscles will spasm, and you will drown. Pretty strong warning there!
The Truth: Where the body does send more blood flow to your digestive system after eating it is not enough to cause your other muscles to stop working. As long as you feel well enough to swim on a full stomach, feel free to do so. If you do get a cramp, they are usually not so severe that you would not be able to exit the pool easily.
Peeing on a Jellyfish sting
The Myth: You’re swimming in the ocean and encounter a jellyfish who stings you. You get out of the water and have someone pee on the area that got stung.
The Truth: Jellyfish venom is highly alkaline and can be neutralized with acidic compounds. Urine changes from person to person and has a higher probability of adding more basic compounds leaving the person in more pain. Instead, try using salt water or vinegar and baking soda.
We hope this summer myth-busting has been helpful and that you have a delightful and healthy summer!

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