3 Tips for Tracking Your Health

Tracking Your Health

3 Tips for Tracking Your Health

One of the best ways to help with your health is to make it a priority. In our rushed society, it is easy to put your general health and well being on the back burner. Many people will instead settle into bad habits that will keep them from being their most healthy selves. But once you’ve resolved to put your health first, how do you keep it? One of the tools at your disposal is to keep track of your health. Often your motivator can be seeing over time how your efforts are working towards getting to your goal. Here are a few different ways that you can Track Your Health:

Tracking Your HealthKeep a Log

One of the most basic forms of Monitoring your Health is to write it down. This can look very different for people based upon what their health goals are. For some, they will keep a food journal to write down what they are eating and when. This log can help many find an association between eating habits and emotional connections to food. Others will write down measurements of their body to keep track of what areas are growing in muscle and what areas are trimming down from weight loss.

Use Your Phone

Another way that many people are now using to track their health is to utilize their smartphones. The apps that come standard on your phone may be helpful as one utilizes the notes feature or even a way of counting your steps. But there are additional apps that can help you as well. There are ones that can use your GPS to track your routes when you run or walk. There are even apps that can use your phone’s camera to measure your heart rate. This industry has blown up, and a simple search will yield plenty of results about apps that you can use to track your health.

Health Tech Gadgets

Outside of your phone, you can use other gadgets that are specifically designed to help track your health. Fit bit, Jawbone, or Spark are all tools which capture your steps and can let you know when you have reached your step goals for that day. You can also look into a heart rate monitor. Many people with high blood pressure will have a monitor like this available so that they can keep track of their hourly or daily needs.

There are many more possibilities when you are keeping track of your health to reach your New Health Goals. We hope that this blog gave you some ideas on ways that you can be a healthier version of you today!

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