Small Businesses: Your Options Outside the Exchange

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, or simply the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as it is more commonly known, gives all Americans and small business owners an option to buy private health insurance through state or federally managed healthcare exchanges. The plan is designed to give uninsured and under-insured Americans a way to shop for and compare multiple plans and buy healthcare coverage regardless of financial status, age or previous medical history. The ACA’s health care exchanges are expected to radically transform the manner in which American’s purchase medical insurance. However, such exchanges are not the only option for getting coverage.

Under the ACA, all healthcare plans are required to comply with certain minimum coverage requirements regardless of whether the plans are offered via a healthcare exchange or sold directly to the consumer. All health insurance options outside the exchange have to include the same drug coverage and essential benefits as those offered via a health exchange. As an individual consumer, or as a small business owner, you have the ability to go directly to health insurance websites, insurance agents and brokers and buy the same insurance coverage that you would get via an exchange for exactly the same price.

If you live or operate a small business in Redlands, California and want to learn more about health insurance options outside the exchange please contact the health insurance specialists at Bernardini & Donovan Insurance.

Health Insurance Choices Instead of Government Exchanges

If you cut through the noise and dissension about the new health insurance government exchanges that don’t seem to work, you may wonder if you have any other options. Unless you live in Vermont or the District of Columbia, you have options outside the exchange.

You can contact insurance brokers, companies or experienced professionals, like Bernardini & Donovan Insurance health plan experts. You can only buy coverage that complies with the Affordable Care Act (ACT), not one of the plans that were terminated as of January 1, 2014.

The main feature of the exchanges, the tax credits or subsidies that can lower your health plan costs, are not available when you choose one of the options outside the exchange. However, insurance carriers selling product on and off government exchanges must offer their plans at the same price.

There is no consensus as yet about the better choice for individuals. Supporters of private plans contend that, if you’re not seeking government subsidies, you’ll have greater varieties of plans to evaluate. Since plans differ from state-to-state, you should make the most informed decision you can.

Still confused? If you live in California, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance. Their professionals will cut through the noise and confusion, giving you the information you need to make the best health insurance decision for your needs and budget.

How to Buy Health Insurance While Avoiding the Government Exchange

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is upon us. The online Health Insurance Marketplace, although its had numerous problems with crashes, is not the only way to get the healthcare plan you need. Fortunately, you have other options outside the exchange to buy the health coverage you need.

As the Health and Human Services Department works to repair their site, here are other ways to buy health insurance while avoiding the government exchange.

  • Contact a trusted health insurance agent. Experienced individual and group health insurance professionals, like Bernardini & Donovan Insurance.
  • Compare and evaluate other healthcare coverage online. You’ll find other options outside the exchange that you might find more desirable.
  • Ask your employer if it will offer health insurance, whether mandatory or voluntary. You may find your employer will offer a better, more cost-effective program that you can find elsewhere.
  • Join an affinity group or trade organization. Once again groups like these sometimes offer better, less expensive health insurance that fits your budget.
  • Contact other health insurance carriers to learn details of their individual plans that comply with the ACA. Assuming you can speak with a live person, call your agent or a company to learn about your options.

If you live in California, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance to get their expertise to find the best plan for your situation. You’ll be happy you did.

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