The Value of an Agent When Finding the Right Large Group Health Insurance Plan

The value of an agent is apparent when you need answers to questions concerning large group health insurance plans and policies. A reputable agent doesn’t just sell you a policy. They explain it in the finest detail so you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. Your agent is the one you contact when you have to file a claim or if you need to update your policy. When the insurance company has questions concerning an accident or health claim, your agent is the one who acts on your behalf to make sure all of your insurance needs are meant.

Large group health insurance policies are designed to provide the best possible coverage for individuals who are part of a specific group. Because several people are subscribing as a unit, the cost of coverage can be dramatically reduced. If you have any questions concerning insurance coverage for large a large group of individuals contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services. They can answer your questions and help you get the coverage you need.

Buying Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses — Why You Need an Agent

Purchasing group health insurance can be a rather intimidating task for any small business owner. This is especially true when you try to do it all on your own without any help. However, the process can be made a lot easier and less daunting when you decided to let a professional agent assist you in choosing the right group health insurance plan for your small business.

The value of an agent is hard to sum up in just a few words or even a couple of sentences. For starters, an agent sells insurance plans for multiple insurance companies, which means they have a variety of options at their disposal. At the same time, however, some agents may only sell for one or two insurance companies and can actually offer a lower premium cost. Agents can help ensure that you pick the right small group health insurance in regards to cost, the plan itself, and more.

For many small businesses, the problem with purchasing group health insurance is the cost. Many small businesses are hanging on by a thread as it is and cannot really afford to purchase health insurance, which is now required. In order to see if you can save money or qualify for a tax credit, considering the new Obama SHOP exchange is a good idea. Group health insurance can be quite expensive for a small business owner, so the SHOP Exchange may assist in lowering costs.

For any questions or help with finding the right group health insurance for your small business, call Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services of Redlands, CA, and speak to a professional and helpful agent.


How an Agent Can Help You Navigate Through the SHOP Exchange

Individuals who are interested in understanding the benefits of having a small group health insurance plan should talk to an agent that specializes in the SHOP Exchange. Customers will quickly learn the value of an agent when they begin considering the many insurance options that are available through the Exchange. Agents who work with the Exchange are familiar with the different policy variations can work with small groups who are looking to purchase the right type of health insurance.

For more information about health plans for small or large groups of people, contact the reputable agents of Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services. They can answer your questions and find the right health insurance plan to meet your group’s individual needs. The company’s agents specialize in servicing the needs of both large and small groups. If you or your group needs assistance navigating the SHOP Exchange, call their office today and speak with one of their qualified agents.

Latest News on Large Group Health Insurance

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act changes are coming not only for those on individual plans but group plans as well. New projections are showing that up to 80 million Americans that previously had group health insurance plans provided by their employers may be without coverage as of January 1, 2014.

The ACA is requiring many changes to the minimum levels of coverage that must be offered as part of a health insurance plan. This means a more comprehensive plan for employees and family members that are covered by each plan. Unfortunately, many small businesses may be unable to provide the new minimum levels of benefits because the cost may be too great.

Individuals and families that become affected by the loss of group benefits must then find coverage through the health insurance marketplace. Many individuals that are navigating through the ACA enrollment period have recently learned the value of an agent to assist in the process. An agent can help break the different policies down and also help ensure you have the proper coverage for you and your loved ones.

For more information on the Affordable Care Act or to contact a certified Covered California agent, visit Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services online today.

Individual and Family Health Insurance: The Value of Using an Agent

With 2014 just around the corner, and everyone being required to have health insurance or pay a fine, many individuals all over the country are trying to figure out the best plan for them and/or their family. Unfortunately, it’s no easy task with so many different insurance companies and health insurance plans out there. Because of this, many are turning to a professional agent for help.

Why would someone need the help of an agent? An agent can be very helpful when trying to find the best health insurance plan, especially when you’ve never shopped for insurance before or are not very familiar with insurance terms. The value of an agent is truly indescribable.

You see, when you purchase individual health insurance from your place of employment, there is an individual on-site that can answer any questions you have. A professional agent can do the same when you are purchasing on your own. An agent can help you fill out the initial application for health coverage and can even assist in filing of claims in the future. Should you be turned down for insurance from one company, an agent can assist you in the next steps – something you may otherwise not have known.

If you need assistance in choosing family or individual health insurance, contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services to speak to a certified Covered California agent that can help ensure you choose the right plan for yourself and/or your entire family based on plan details, cost and your personal situation.

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