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Legalized Marijuana

Legalized Marijuana Coming in 2018

Legalized Marijuana Coming in 2018 Since November of 2016, we have seen many changes come into effect. One of the most blatant has been the office of president and all of the sequential transitions, upheavals, and changes that came with that shift of power. While that may be normal with any significant shift of power, this presidential change has seemed to be much more drastic. Another change for Californians, which we have not seen implemented yet, is the passing of recreational marijuana usage. It was passed in November of 2016, but we will not see any implementation until January of 2018, giving the government office 14 months to make these changes. Eleven months have gone past, and we haven’t heard a lot about how this plan is moving forward.   Under the new laws, an adult over the age of 21 may legally now buy and possess and consume an

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Health Insurance for College Students

What a College Student Needs to Know About Health Insurance (Part 1)

What a College Student Needs to Know About Health Insurance (Part 1) College can be such a crazy season. Not only are you being challenged more than ever academically, for many students it is their first foray into the adult world. No more is mom around to take care of laundry or make sure that you’re eating a balanced meal (hello Freshmen 15). And to help college students better understand more about health insurance, we thought we could cover some key things college students need to know about health insurance. Why you need health insurance Many college students may be under the thinking that they are young, healthy and in no need of health insurance. But that is just not the case. Young people are just as much at risk, and at times more so to need medical care as the rest of the population. Young people, while only making

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80/20 Rule

Did you know… about the 80/20 rule?

Did you know… about the 80/20 rule? We realize that many people may have health care but don’t know how the systems work or what their premiums are going to each month. We understand that life is busy and that you may not have all the time in the world to research and learn an argumentatively complex system of health care insurance and providers. So we thought that we would start a new series of posts focused on “Did you know…” With this blog, we will be looking at the 80/20 rule.   Did you know… that health insurance companies are required to spend a mandated amount on your healthcare? Insurance Companies are mandated to $.85 of every dollar on your Health Care.   This 80/20 rule is also referred to as Medical Loss Provision Ratio in the Affordable Care Act. The rule states for 80% of premiums collected must

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Healthcare in the News

Healthcare In the News – August Edition

Healthcare In the News – August Edition In the past month, we have seen some seriously dramatic news stories about our nation’s health care laws. Usually, dramas of that sort are kept to cable television, but maybe art does imitate life, especially as we watched the news coverage of the US Senate. If you have been living under a rock or just don’t enjoy listening to the news, let us give you a quick fly over. In May, the House voted to pass the ACHA which had a series of changes to our current Affordable Care Act. The Senate then decided to write their bill however they delayed the voting until they could work out their details within the Republican party. It failed to pass. Then a series of votes continued to try and repeal and possibly replace Obamacare. None of those passed either. The Republican party needed every representative

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Summer Sunshine Loving

Summer Sunshine Loving 

Summer Sunshine Loving  The longer I live, the surer I am that life is about trying to find a balance. Of course, sometimes balance can be defined as the split second that a pendulum swinging from side to side hits the equilibrium and then passes it to keep swinging. But regardless, I do feel like it is a worthy aspiration. Today, we will be looking at the benefits of spending time in the sun. A lot of the messaging that we hear today will point out the evils of the sun and sun exposure leads to skin cancer. I am in no way am I trying to deny this fact. But I do think there is a balance in finding the benefits of being in the sun and also appropriately not over doing our sun time.   Sun exposure helps with mild depression. Most of us have heard of SAD

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Summer Mythbusting

Summer Mythbusting (Part 2)

Summer Mythbusting (Part 2) In our last blog, we pointed out a few of the summer myths that we hear so often. Today we are picking that back up. We were surprised how many of these pieces of advice that we have been told our entire lives, but they simply aren’t true. You can’t get a sunburn on a cloudy day The myth: It’s an overcast day, and the clouds are blocking the harmful UV rays. The truth: We don’t know if anyone believes that clouds block the UV rays that cause sun burns.  But we do believe that people are way more likely to forget to put on sunscreen if the sun is not out. Even if there is cloud cover, you still need to put sunscreen on and use adequate coverage if you are out and about on a cloudy summer day. Wait 30 minutes after eating to

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