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Medicare Advantage Part D Plans Explained

Chances are, you’re acutely aware of how much prescription drugs cost. Without adequate insurance coverage, you stand to pay hundreds of dollars each month for maintenance drugs and those your doctor prescribes when you become ill. Fortunately, Medicare Part D Plans provide coverage for prescription drugs. If you have traditional fee-for-service through Medicare, you will have to purchase a separate Part D plan to ensure you have prescription drug coverage. However, if you opt for a Medicare Advantage plan, prescription drug coverage is included. Be sure to get an Advantage plan called an “MA-PD” plan. These plans provide Medicare Part A and B coverage as well as prescription drug coverage. You’ll get all your Medicare benefits included in one convenient plan that ultimately saves time and money. There is a wide variety of Medicare Advantage plans from which California residents can select. To learn more, please contact Bernardini & Donovan Insurance

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Costs & Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

When considering Medicare Advantage Plans, it helps to take a closer look at their benefits and costs so that you can more easily understand the plans. As you may know, these plans contract annually with Medicare and a fixed monthly amount gets paid by Medicare. That amount can change yearly, based on Medicare, and varies by county.  The nice thing about these plans is that they sometimes offer coverage for things that Medicare does not cover. This can include things like eye exams, prescription coverage and dental visits, but it does vary by county. You should know that there is a monthly premium for these plans and it is in addition to the Medicare Part B premium.  While some services under these plans require co-payment, they are often at a lower amount than the Medicare fees. And legally the amount is not allowed to exceed the Medicare fee amount. If

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Medicare Part D Stand-Alone Plan

Medicare helps provide medical coverage for older citizens as well as some disabled citizens. Medicare Part D is one of Medicare’s stand alone plans and helps cover the cost of prescription medications. Who is Eligible for Medicare Part D? Anyone who is eligible for regular Medicare benefits is eligible for Medicare Part D. This includes individuals who are 65 or older or individuals under the age of 65 with certain disabilities. You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident to be eligible. Enrollment is done when you first enroll or during open enrollment periods. It is done through private insurance providers. What Does Part D Cover? All policies cover every therapeutic category of medications, but not all actual medications are covered. In addition, all plans must cover all or nearly all of the medications in six of the medication categories including antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, antiretroviral, immunosuppressant and anticancer

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Do I Need More Coverage Than The Original Medicare?

If you are approaching the age of 65 and looking forward to enrolling in Medicare for healthcare coverage, be aware that it does not cover everything. Medicare will leave you with things like co-payments, coinsurance and of deductibles.  Contact a private insurance company right away and learn about Medicare supplements, also known as Medigap. These affordable supplements kick in coverage that the original Medicare doesn’t. If, in your retirement you are looking forward to traveling abroad, you will definitely want a Medigap policy that will provide coverage when you leave the country.  Medigap supplements are not the same as a Medicare Advantage Plan. You can only have one or the other. Also, you must have Medicare Part A and Part B to have a Medigap policy. You will pay a private insurance company for the policy as well as the Part B premium you pay to Medicare. Additionally, be aware

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Employer sponsored coverage, and Covered California premium subsidy, consumers be ware!

It has been brought to our attention through various sources that consumers are being misinformed and misled when it comes to qualifying for premium assistance through Covered California. We want to address this issue, as it has the potential for severe consequences. Employees who are offered coverage through their employer cannot receive subsidy if their employer offers “affordable” coverage. How is “affordable” coverage defined under the Affordable Care Act? To determine if the coverage is “affordable” or not, we look at the employee ONLY monthly rate for health insurance coverage. The cost to add dependents, spouse, children, etc. DOES NOT play a role in this calculation. If the employee only pays less than 9.5% of the gross household income for health insurance, the coverage is deemed “affordable”. A simple calculation would look like this. Let’s say the gross HOUSEHOLD income is $50,000. 9.5% of the gross family income would be

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The Basics of Medicare Advantage Part D Plans

Medicare Advantage Part D plans are a good solution for California residents interested in getting prescription drug coverage to go with regular Medicare coverage. Also known as Prescription Drug Plans or PDPs, Medicare Part D plans are actually private insurance plans that offer medication coverage. Medicare beneficiaries should note that these plans only offer coverage on eligible prescriptions and not all of them. Medicare Advantage Part D plans are affordable, with the average monthly premium in California coming in at $58.11 for 2013. If you have Medicare but do not have prescription drug coverage, remember being without coverage for 63 days or longer can result in a penalty fee. Since Medicare Advantage Part D plans fall under private insurance, their cost and availability can vary. A qualified insurance agent can help you navigate through the available options to find the most cost effect Part D plan to meet your needs.

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