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Do You Need Your Own Health Insurance After 26?

Many have wondered what to do about health insurance after they turn 26. For many young adults, you might also wonder: Can you stay on your parent’s health insurance after 26? With the spread of COVID-19, health care is more critical now more than ever. One shouldn’t skip health insurance to save money simply because they think that they’re young and healthy...that mindset could be misleading and ultimately dangerous. The fact of the matter is: Sooner or later, everyone needs health insurance. So, what options are available when it comes to finding health insurance for 26-year-olds? If you’re 26 and need health insurance coverage, we at Bernardini & Donovan can help. We offer health and medical insurance services in the Inland Empire and are happy to assist individuals who have questions about health insurance for 26-year-olds. Being properly informed about health insurance might not be the first thing on the
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Employee life insurance

Employee Life Insurance

Life insurance serves as a safety net to the dependents of an employee in the case of their death. This is especially necessary for those who have families that rely on their income for support. And most often, such assurance is built through one’s employer. That’s why, for most job seekers, they require that their future employer offers life insurance .In this article, we will discuss the different types of employee life insurance and ways that it can be purchased. Many employers offer basic life insurance to their employees as part of their benefits package either for free or at a very low cost. This is typically a predetermined, fixed amount that usually equates to the employee’s salary. For most people, if they are single and have no dependents, this initial amount is plenty, and they are unlikely to purchase more coverage. However, most companies provide the option to buy supplemental life
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Covered California deadline extended

Covered California Deadline Extended

In a meeting just recently, Covered California has elected to extend the open enrollment period, which ended on January 31, 2020. This new special enrollment period will allow anyone, not just those who would generally qualify for special enrollment, to enroll in health insurance plans until the end of April. Policies will be effective April 1, if you enroll on or before March 15. Or, the policy will be effective May 1, if you enroll between March 16 and April 30. This means that instead of waiting until the new enrollment period of October 2020, anyone in California who does not currently have health insurance can sign up through the healthcare system.

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Health care reform

How Presidents Have Changed Health Care Over the Years

With ever-increasing health care costs, insurance is a popular topic for discussion among today’s political leaders. And as the 2020 presidential election quickly approaches, we can anticipate heated debate over the subject in this upcoming year. That’s because, since 1853, presidents have had a significant stake in the matter of health care and insurance. Despite the subject’s complexity, leaders of the 20th and 21st century have fought for reform, new and old ideas, and continue to strive for improving the healthcare system for the American people. So, as we look toward the near future and the potential changes to come, let’s take a look back in history. How has health care and its surrounding policies changed over the years? In this article, we’ll take a look at how past presidents have made changes to our health care and insurance systems over the years. Meaningful ways past presidents have impacted health
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Women's Health Screenings

7 Important Women’s Health Screenings You Should Prioritize

Maintaining one’s good health takes commitment to a few critical habits. While you may be well aware of the benefits of eating nutritious foods, getting regular exercise, and making time for rest, be sure not to overlook regular visits to your doctor as well. With routine screenings and checkups, you can detect problems early on to receive proper treatment. In this article, we'll discuss seven critical health screenings that women should prioritize for the benefit of their good health. Seven health screenings to prioritize: Blood pressure screening. According to the American Heart Association, the ideal blood pressure measuring is 120/80 or below. So, if you maintain this healthy blood pressure, it is recommended that you have it checked at least once every two years, beginning at the age of 20. However, if you are at a higher risk of hypertension, you are 40 or older, African American, or suffer from a
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tax credit

Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit

It’s been said once or twice before, sometimes, great things come in small packages. And in recognition of the value of your small business, we have a word of good news for you. In the upcoming tax season, you may receive some tax alleviation for merely being small.

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