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Are You Eligible for Medicare?

Medicare offers older Americans many health benefits to offset the high cost of medical care. The following guidelines can help you determine if you qualify for what Medicare has to offer. Individuals age 65 or over qualify for Medicare if: They are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents and They or their spouse are eligible for Social Security benefits, even if they’re not receiving them yet. (Applicants must have earned at least 40 credits for approximately 10 years of employment) They are government employees or retirees who have paid Medicare taxes during employment Applicants can qualify on their spouse’s employment record if their spouse is 62 and they are 65 or older. This includes a divorced spouse or one who is deceased. Individuals qualifying for Medicare through same sex marriages must live in a state that recognizes this status. Individuals under 65 qualify for Medicare if: They have been receiving

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Qualify for Special Enrollment Periods

If you missed the health insurance deadline on March 31, you may still qualify for one of the Special Enrollment Periods to access the Healthcare Marketplace. These are 60-day windows to enroll after certain “life events” that change your individual or family status from the open enrollment time frames. Special Enrollment Periods Along with some specified life events, should you qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), you are able to apply for coverage at any time. Otherwise, you need to meet guidelines for special enrollment periods with “qualifying life events.” Examples of these events include the following items. Marriage, Divorce, Birth of a child, Loss of employment, and Moving to a new state. All of these events change your status, qualifying you for special enrollment periods that allow you to access the Healthcare Marketplace after open enrollment dates. Additional qualification limitations apply, including — The state

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Take Advantage Of California’s Enrollment Extension If You Still Want Health Insurance

Many people tried and failed to complete their enrollment in Covered California to get health insurance by March 31, 2014. Yet they still have an opportunity to get health insurance through Covered California by signing up before the new deadline of April 15, 2014. Officials aren’t claiming this deadline as any type of extensions to the federal Marketplace enrollment signup. Instead, this is a grace period for people who tried to sign up through the Covered California marketplace exchange website on or before the mandated March 31st deadline yet were unsuccessful. For people who can’t obtain insurance through their work, they will need to find a certified insurance agent, a certified enrollment counselor or an eligibility worker to complete the application in person. The April 15 deadline will be the last open enrollment chance a person will have this spring. If you are still interested in getting health insurance for

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Open Enrollment: The Next Round

The open enrollment period for 2014 is almost over; after March 31st, any new policy (or additions to your present coverage) will have to wait for the next open enrollment period.  But when, precisely, will that be? For the general public, coverage starting in 2015 can be shopped for on the marketplace starting in late autumn.  Though an exact date has yet to be officially determined, at present the proposed window is November 15th 2014 through January 15th 2015. There are a few notable exceptions; certain life events (such as a change in your family size, losing your job, moving to a new state, or large changes to your income) can qualify you for a special enrollment period.  Usually this period is within sixty days of your qualifying life event. Of course, the best way to determine your eligibility (and the best policy for you) is to discuss your situation

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Qualifying Events: How Can I Obtain Health Insurance after March 31st?

While Open Enrollment for 2014 is nearly over, certain qualifying life events will entitle you a Special Enrollment Period in which to adjust your coverage in accordance with this life event. A few notable instances which will entitle you to this Special Enrollment Period are: changes to your family size (this may be caused by marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death in the family, etc.), a large change in your income, the loss of a job, the loss of alternate health coverage, a move to a new state, change of citizen status, or change of eligibility for subsidy. Generally, the Special Enrollment Period will open in a sixty-day window after the event that triggered your eligibility.  The best way to determine said eligibility (and the best policy for you) is to discuss your situation with an insurance professional.  For more information about the Affordable Care Act or health insurance

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ACA Extension to Individual Health Insurance “Keep Your Plan” Rules

Responding to intense consumer (and voter) allegations of promises not kept, the Obama administration announced another extension for those wanting to keep current individual and small group health insurance plans. People can keep current, non-compliant coverage plans for the next two years. During Congressional debate about adopting the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the President promised Americans "if you like your current plan, you can keep it." However, as the implementation date of the ACA approached, the White House changed its position. After many insurance companies issued termination notices, in November 2013, to insured people and groups, the President allowed a one-year extension of non-compliant healthcare plans. However, consumer and small employer dissatisfaction continued. In March 2014, the White House announced a further extension increase from one to two years. The Department of Health and Human Services, Treasury Department and the IRS have issued "regulatory guidance" to help you understand this latest

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